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Cup Meal cup Miscellaneous pieces

Anhui Fengyang Qianli Glass Products Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Zhu Yuanzhang, the hometown of reform and Fengyang Economic Development Zone in the Ming Dynasty. It is a joint-stock product Limited company that integrates the mining of Shimei, the manufacture and production of glass products, the processing of back-channel glass products and the self-operation of import and export. In June 2005, the company invested 12 million yuan, and owned three energy-saving and multi-channel horseshoe flame white material kilns in China, totaling 21 high-tech production lines; annual production of high-grade glassware 650,000 tons, daily production of glassware 800,000, the company has more than 700 employees, including more than 150 specialized technicians, and its own high-quality quartz sand production base. One seat; The glassware manufactured by Qianli Glass Products Company of Fengyang County, Anhui Province includes machine-pressed glass dinner cups, cups, candy cups, bowls, pl......